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Marion, Harrison, and Panola counties

Heart to Heart Hospice Marshall, TX

Heart to Heart Hospice provides hospice care services in Marshall, TX and surrounding areas. With passionate care, our team provides exceptional hospice care. Our focus is on the patient first. When hospice is needed, our team excels in managing pain and making the dying process as comfortable as possible.

Compassionate End-of-Life Care

Hospice care focuses on the quality of life for patients with advanced or life-limiting illness. Not only does our team provide care for the patient, but we also take care of the family or caregiver. At Heart to Heart in Marshall, we treat the whole person, managing their pain and symptoms so they live each day as comfortably as possible.

In Marshall, we provide hospice care wherever the patient calls home. That can be a private residence, a residential facility, hospital or contracted inpatient facility. Our team of experts provide medical care with a focus on symptom relief and pain management. In addition we provide spiritual, emotional, psychosocial and practical support to patients and families.

When Is Hospice Care Needed?

Anyone can make a referral to hospice care, but only a physician can write orders and authorize hospice services. Unfortunately, many eligible patients are delayed in receiving the care for which they’re eligible, which could help in providing end-of-life comfort and dignity. If you or a loved one have been told that curative interventions are no longer effective, you may be eligible, and you should speak with your physician. For more information regarding hospice care eligibility, speak to our team or ask yourself these questions.

Why Is Our Hospice Care Best?

Unlike other forms of healthcare that rely on individual medical providers, hospice care is delivered by a skilled team of practitioners. Our hospice team works together to satisfy or exceed the needs of each patient. Each team consists of a nurse, doctor, social worker, chaplain, home health aide and volunteer who all contribute to the care of the patient.

About Heart to Heart Hospice

Heart to Heart Hospice is committed to serving others, and that is what inspires the team members every day. They specialize in offering comfort, preserving dignity, and providing support to patients who come to them.

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