Most patients will never need specialized therapy services; however, Heart to Heart Hospice offers the following therapies when the hospice physician agrees a patient needs assistance in specific areas.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps patients improve their strength and maximize their functional ability to move safely throughout the place they call home. It also enhances their comfort level by providing the best therapy and pain management combination for a patient’s specific needs.


Occupational Therapy

 Occupational therapy helps patients maintain as much independence as possible in their personal routine and activities of daily living, as well as in their familial roles, such as spouse or parent. This can significantly affect their outlook and help sustain a positive attitude.


Speech Therapy

 Speech therapy helps establish the best alternatives for patients who need assistance communicating with loved ones – something that becomes especially important near the end of life. It also addresses issues that patients may have with chewing and swallowing, providing food and diet solutions to improve quality of life.