Heart to Heart Hospice understands that patients have different needs associated with their life-limiting illnesses, as well as their individual circumstances. We provide various levels of care designed to meet those needs for both patients and their loved ones, in alignment with the Medicare hospice benefit.

The hospice care team and the patient’s physician will determine the best level of care.

Routine In-Home Hospice Care

Routine Home Hospice Care involves regularly scheduled visits by the hospice care team to meet the medical, emotional, spiritual, and practical needs of patients and their loved ones. It is provided nearly anywhere a patient calls home – a private residence, a nursing home or residential facility, or a contracted inpatient facility or hospital.

Continuous Home Hospice Care

Continuous Home Hospice Care may be provided only during a period of crisis, as necessary to maintain a patient at home. A period of crisis is a period in which a patient requires continuous care, which is predominantly nursing care, to control pain or manage acute medical symptoms.

Inpatient Hospice Care

Inpatient Hospice Care is provided when a patient needs short-term management of pain or symptoms that cannot be controlled at home. The patient is transferred to a contracted nursing facility, hospital, or inpatient hospice unit. When the symptoms are controlled, the patient may return home.

Respite Care

Respite Care is provided to hospice patients when their family caregivers need time away from their caregiving responsibilities or have an urgent situation requiring a respite stay. Patients may receive care in a contracted facility or hospice inpatient unit for up to five days.

If you want to learn more about the different levels of hospice care for yourself or a family member, you can find a Heart to Heart location near you or refer a loved one to our services.