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2260 E. Saginaw Street
Suite A
East Lansing, MI 48823

Phone: 517.580.7530

Fax: 517.977.0795

Email: LansingWebsite@htohh.com

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Serving these Counties: Eaton, Clinton, Ingham

The Top Rated Hospice Care in the Lansing, MI

Our team provides compassionate hospice care in Lansing, MI and surrounding counties including Eaton, Clinton, Ingham. Trust us to provide your loved one with the support and care they need from our professional team at Heart to Heart Hospice. 

Ensure Your Loved One Is Well Cared For

As our loved one reaches their end of life, they need more care and support to be at peace. At Heart to Heart Hospice, we treat the whole person, managing their pain and symptoms so they live each day as comfortably as possible.

For more information regarding hospice care eligibility in Lansing, MI, speak to our team or ask yourself these questions. Together, we’ll make sure that you and your family feel comfortable and safe. 

We’re Your First Choice for Hospice Care in Lansing, MI

When local Lansing families require hospice care services, they know that they can count on the Heart to Heart Hospice team. We’ve been supporting Lansing, MI with empathetic and professional hospice care services for years, and our expert team knows how to provide your loved ones with the support that they need during these times. Contact us today and feel confident you’re putting your trust in the top rated hospice care provider in Lansing, MI. 

Provide Your Loved Ones With Care and Comfort

Heart to Heart Hospice is committed to serving others, and that is what inspires the team members every day. They specialize in offering comfort, preserving dignity, and providing support to patients who come to them. With Heart to Heart Hospice, you can feel secure that your loved one is fully supported and taken care of.

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