When deciding whether to continue cancer treatment, the American Cancer Society recommends, “at some point you may need to consider that further treatment is not likely to improve your health or change your outcome or survival. At the same time, it might have side effects that could affect your quality of life … it’s important to think about the odds of further treatment having some benefit (and what this benefit might be), compared to the possible risks and side effects.”

ACS suggests patients consider hospice early enough so they have the strength and ability to take part in the decision.

Consider the following factors when reviewing Heart to Heart Hospice’s specialized Care Bridge Cancer Care: 

Is the hospice certified?
Heart to Heart Hospice is certified by Medicare.

Is the hospice accredited by a national organization?
Heart to Heart Hospice is accredited by CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Partner). Not many hospices have this accreditation.

How long has the hospice been in the community?
Heart to Heart has been caring for patients in Texas since 2003, in Michigan since 2013 and in Indiana since 2014. We care for over 2800 patients every day.

Do you need to give up your Oncologist?
Every patient has an individualized care plan inclusive of patient/family input, as well as that of the patient’s Oncologist should they choose to follow the patient.

What specialized service does the hospice offer?
Care Bridge Cancer provides alternate therapies (radiation/chemotherapy) that can palliate symptoms, alternate medication administration (IV, via port, transcutaneous) and patient tools (Memory Journal, Self-assessment Pain Journal) that increase quality of life.

What access do you have to nursing care after hours?
Heart to Heart provides 24/7 telephonic access to a nurse for questions, discussion of patient’s pain and when needed, a nurse can be dispatched to address unmanaged symptoms day or night.

What limits are there on treatments?
The Care Bridge Hospice Medical Director and patient’s physician will agree on what treatments are appropriate to control your pain and symptoms.

How quickly can the hospice staff begin the admission process?
Heart to Heart will dispatch a Care Bridge team member to explain services and answer questions within 3 hours of referral.

Is the hospice a We Honor Veterans partner?
Heart to Heart demonstrates its commitment to those that have served through our participation in NHPCO’s We Honor Veterans program.

Consider referring to Care Bridge Cancer Care to give your patients and families the care and stress relief they need when cancer can no longer be controlled.

Call our Care Bridge Cancer Care team at Heart to Heart Hospice for more information.