History of Heart to Heart Hospice

Heart to Heart Hospice was established in Plano, Texas, in 2003. Our founder, who continues to lead the organization today, believed in a philosophy of care based on compassion. That belief remains our guiding force. We provide a compassionate, patient-centered approach to medical care and supportive services for patients at the end of life, as well as for their family members. 

This has driven the success of our hospice programs and we are now one of the largest private providers of hospice care in the United States. We continue to have dynamic growth,  in the number of patients and families we serve, as well as in our employee and volunteer base.

Heart to Heart Hospice has partnered with medical professionals, physicians, hospitals,  nursing homes, long-term care facilities, universities, and insurers to deliver the care that patients and families deserve and to educate communities on end-of-life care. 

In 2016, Heart to Heart Hospice was accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP), under its Hospice Standards of Excellence.

Our Mission and Values

The mission statement of Heart to Heart Hospice encompasses our philosophy of care:

      Making a difference by providing compassionate care from our heart to enhance 

the quality of life for those with life-limiting illnesses and their loved ones. 

Our Heart’s Desires

The Heart to Heart Hospice values are captured in Our Heart’s Desires – the 12 tenets that guide our attitude, our approach, and our actions:

To make a difference through compassionate care

To provide excellent customer service 

To provide a rapid response to all patient needs

To exhibit professionalism at all times

To provide a presence at the most important moments, including at the journey’s end

To exhibit excellence in all we do

To show respect toward all others

To meet or exceed industry standards of quality care

To take professional commitment to address all emotional and spiritual needs

To have integrity by always doing the right thing

To demonstrate dedication to our patients, families, referral sources, our company and to each other

To support each other through teamwork