Heart to Heart Hospice recognizes that patients have different needs associated with their terminal illnesses; therefore we provide different levels of care to meet those needs for each patient and their loved ones. The hospice care team and the patient’s primary care physician will help determine the level of care that is best for the patient.

The levels of hospice care are:
Routine Home Hospice Care
Care can be provided nearly anywhere a patient calls home. Home visits are scheduled by a team of professionals to ensure that the medical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patients and their loved ones are met.
Continuous Home Hospice Care:
When a patient needs close medical attention during a medical crisis, inpatient care can be arranged or Heart to Heart Hospice can provide staff 24 hours a day for patients and their families. When the crisis is controlled, the patient may return home.
Inpatient Hospice Care:
When a patient needs short-term management of pain or symptoms that cannot be controlled at home, the patient may be transferred to an inpatient facility. When the symptoms are controlled, the patient may return home.
Respite Care:
Patients often receive care from family members or other individuals. When the caregivers need time away from their caregiver responsibilities, patients may stay in an inpatient facility for up to five days.
Please Contact a Heart to Heart Hospice location in your area for additional information about hospice levels of care and services.